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Have you ever heard it's not about what you know, it's who you know? Well, the truth is, it's both. With 20 years of industry experience learning the ins and outs under large corporations and 15 years of friendship working together doing so, we set out to start something of our own. Something we knew was missing--specialty, quality fashion that is truly accessible. A place that you can revamp your wardrobe and confidently express yourself without breaking the bank! Isn't that what we all want? But beyond the fashion, we are here to fuel an exciting community full of opportunity, just as this industry has afforded us. We want to be a platform for anyone interested in fashion, business, art, photography, modeling, marketing, design, and the list could go on....to share, build, grow, cheer each other on, and open doors. We can't thank you enough for being here and we are excited to grow with you in this incredible space.

Our Beliefs


Quality over quantity. The most balanced wardrobe is a perfect mix of staples that never go out of style and the latest must-have fashion add-ons. We serve up limited quantities of quality newness to keep your closet stacked with fresh looks and overproduction waste down!


Your greatest superpower is being YOU, and style is born in that individuality. It isn’t what you wear but how you wear it. We strive for trendy, unique, and versatile pieces that you can wear countless different ways and truly express YOU.


Building and fostering great connections is a key to life. We want our platform to be more than a place you shop. We are a place where your voice can be heard, your style is seen, and your ability to connect with new friends or future colleagues are just a click away. Whether it be through sharing your story, updating us on your favorite tips and tricks, or sharing the must-dos where you live, soho social is a space to come together, uplift each other, and create connection for the future.


Up-cycling, recycling, and just plain out revamping fashion to reduce waste is critical in the fashion industry and we are on a mission to find and grow like-minded partners on our platforms, aiding in the reduction of our carbon footprint. Sustainability is important to us and while the current collections aren’t there yet, we promise to continue to grow our % of sustainable products with every new drop.

Our Key Promises

  • We will keep you up to date with all the must haves, while never sacrificing quality for quantity.
  • Value will always be top of mind, and we will always strive for the best balance of fast-fashion trends and forever staples that won’t break the bank.
  • We will cheer you on no matter what your walk of life and will use our voice to help uplift yours.
  • We will always work to do better, be better, and create better for all our futures.